Roy Lerner

September 2, 1954 – May 15, 2023

Roy Lerner and Peter Bradley

“Roy” Vista New York 2022

Welcome to the artwork of Roy Lerner!

Roy is an internationally exhibited American painter who was a member of the New New Painters a group of artists brought together by the first curator of modern and contemporary art at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Dr. Kenworth Moffett (1934-2016) in 1978 contemporaneously with the further development of acrylic gel paint as developed by the paint chemist Sam Golden. Lerner is also considered a trailblazer in the visual genre of hypertexture. More about Roy

Peter Bradley and RoyLerner at Peter’s stone house in Saugerties NY. Together after all these years. June 2022 meet in September 1973.

Orbit: Big Brother II, 120” x 72”, ©1999 RoyLerner

Divertimento, 74” x 132”, ©1987 RoyLerner, NSU Art Museum Ft. Lauderdale

Snowstorm at Sea, 64″ x 90″, ©1977 Roy Lerner

Premonition Plane, 57” x 106.75”, ©1987 Roy Lerner, Switzerland

Plane Crash Fireball

Premonition Plane was painted in July of 1987. It was painted and completed in the studio and left on the studio floor to dry. Roy and wife Patty locked the door of the studio, got in the car and drove to Jackman Maine for a holiday. While there, in Maine they took a sightseeing tour on a small plane. On their way back after touring the area, the plane hit turbulent air and crashed. They survived the night on a remote mountain top. Upon returning to the studio, they opened the door to find the painting, Premonition Plane had dried. Astonishingly, it looked just like the view through the cockpit windshield of the plane. A view of the propeller caught in some Birch trees. Hanging almost upside down in the trees. After pulling themselves through a small side window and balancing on a branch. They jumped from the tree to the ground, just in the nick of time, as the plane blew up into a fireball. All is witnessed in the painting.

Deus Ex Machina 48×96 © 2000 Roy Lerner Collection: National Gallery Prague