Premonition Plane, 57” x 106.75”, ©1987 Roy Lerner, Switzerland

Plane Crash Fireball

Premonition Plane was painted in July of 1987. It was painted and completed in the studio and left on the studio floor to dry. Roy and wife Patty locked the door of the studio, got in the car and drove to Jackman Maine for a holiday. While there, in Maine they took a sightseeing tour on a small plane. On their way back after touring the area, the plane hit turbulent air and crashed. They survived the night on a remote mountain top. Upon returning to the studio, they opened the door to find the painting, Premonition Plane had dried. Astonishingly, it looked just like the view through the cockpit windshield of the plane. A view of the propeller caught in some Birch trees. Hanging almost upside down in the trees. After pulling themselves through a small side window and balancing on a branch. They jumped from the tree to the ground, just in the nick of time, as the plane blew up into a fireball. All is witnessed in the painting.

Super Piper Cub taking off from Lake in Maine

Wilderness Writer invites Roy on to the Super Piper Cub

Maine Guide pilot securing Roy and Patty in plane

Roy enters the plane ready to go.

Roy, Patty with Wilderness writer and pilot getting ready to board plane. Wilderness writer stayed behind.

Plane hanging in trees after crash

After the crash – burned out frame of the Super Piper Cub