2022 30Years of NNP, Museum of New, Toronto

2017 25 Years of NNP, Museum of New, Toronto (catalog)

2009 Museum of NNP, Toronto

2002 National Gallery, Prague, New New Painters (catalog)

2001 Museum of NNP Toronto, Ten Years of New New

2001 Galerie Anne Letree, Paris

2000 Armory Show, 69th Regiment Armory, New York City (catalog)

2000 Stadthuise, Brussels

1999 Denver Museum of Cont. Art, Denver Colorado

1999 Flint Institute of Arts, Flint, Michigan (catalog)

1998 Miami Art Fair, Florida

1997 The Discovery Museum, Bridgeport, Conn.

1997 Museum of Contemporary Art, Lakeworth, Florida

1997 York College, Queens, N.Y.

1997 Performing Center, Stamford, Conn.

1996 Art 2000, Stamford, Conn. (catalog)

1996 Galerie Gerald Piltzer, Paris

1996 Vanderleelie Gallery, Edmonton, Alberta

1994 Gallery ISM, Seol, South Korea (catalog)

1994 Salander – O’Reilly Gallery, New York City

1994 International Art Fair, Chicago (Art 1994)

1994 International Art Fair, Pier, New York City

1994 International Art Fair, Frankfurt, Germany

1993 Art Cologne 93, Germany

1993 Galerie Tilly Haderek, Stuttgart, Germany

1993 Museum of Modern Art, Vienna, Konfrontationen (catalog)

1993 International Art Fair, Chicago

1993 Grand Palais, Paris,

1993 Stadtishe Galerie, Goppingen, Germany

1993 Musee d’art Moderne & Contemporain, Nice, France

1993 Musee des Beaux Art, Charleroi, Belgium

1992 Galerie Gerald Piltzer, Paris (Book)

1992 Gallery One, Toronto

1991 Center for the Arts, Vero Beach, Florida

1991 Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

1991 Galerie Camino Real, Boca Raton, Florida

1990 Atwood Gallery, Worcester, Mass. (catalog – FIRST USE OF THE NAME NNP)

1989 Stamford Museum, Stamford, Conn.

1989 University of Alberta, Edmonton, Outside New York (catalog)

Stadtishe Galerie Roy far left, Gerald Piltzer arms folded center, Werner Myer Director holding cake at opening night.

Gerald Piltzer with “Miles is Gone”Stadtishe Galerie Goppingen

Gerald Piltzer with Screen Lorenze Stadtishe Galerie Goppingen 1993

Stadtishe Galerie from Damlier Benz official holding exhibition plaque.

Stadlische Gallery Goppingen 1993

Stadlische Gallery 1993 Goppingen

Assistant Director and Marge Minkin in front of Minkin’s Lexan paintings.

Miles is Gone 1991 70×49 Alison Kenny Stamford

Screen Lorenze 1991 53×44 collection Piltzer Switzerland

Stadtishe Galerie Goppingen 1991